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The Savagery of Tim Hardin and the Sensuality of Joe Cocker

Singer/songwriter Tim Hardin and singer Joe Cocker were both supremely gifted and both ruined their gift through substance abuse.

Remembering David Berger

Looking back more than 50 years, I realize that David Berger is someone I wish I had known better.

Among the Collaborators

Most of my father’s family of Polish Jews were murdered at Treblinka. When the Nazis occupied these countries, thousands of soldiers, police, and the general population, took the opportunity to help the Nazis kill Jews. I went to Eastern Europe to talk to the descendants of the society that collaborated.

Pigeons and Running

Musings while jogging.

The High Priest of Bach is Still Controversial

In the 1970s, Anthony Newman made baroque music so popular among young people that Time Magazine called the young virtuoso "the high priest of the harpsichord." So why is Newman still considered outside the mainstream?

One of the Letters to Jane

A short story about two music school students.

The Envelope of Function: Why Sports Medicine is Suspect

Sports medicine promises the weekend athlete better surgery, faster rehabilitation, and return to sports quicker than the average Joan. Don't bet on it.

Can New Age Music be any good?

Mathieu's piano pieces have strength and beauty because they are constructed using composition techniques borrowed from classical music: themes are developed, ideas are examined in varying settings, structural elements relate to and enhance each other. But what makes Lakes and Streams revolutionary is Mathieu's expansion of the limited harmonic language of new age music.

The Neutral Spine; Making Lumbar Stabilization Functional

During my last years as a physical therapist, aggressive conservative care of orthopedic spine disorders was the focus of my work.